10Times Pro – FAQS

10Times Pro is a freelance job platform for media content creators such as cinematographers, video editors, photo editors, graphics designers, animators, music producers and voice over artists. It is also a platform for these freelance content creators to sell the rights to some of their digital assets such as images, footage, and soundtracks, and receive commission when they get downloaded or purchased.

You register on the site as a contributor, a buyer, a freelancer or an employer.

For Freelancers:
Register as a freelancer.
Set up your profile.
Get offers.
Complete and deliver projects.
Get paid.

For Employers:
Create an account.
Browse through the list of freelancers.
Check their profile, work samples and reviews from other employers.
Contact a freelancer with questions regarding your project.
Hire a freelancer

Register as a contributor

Upload content in accordance with our standard and guidelines. Read ‘What kind of content can I sell on 10Times Pro?’ below.

Get paid whenever your content is purchased.

For Buyers:
Create an account.
Browse through or search our collections for what you want.
Download the content in whatever available option you prefer.

A contributor uploads content such as images, videos and soundtracks and gets paid when such content is purchased. A freelancer offers his services and gets paid for doing and completing projects.
Yes, you can sell your contents as well as offer your service on 10Times Pro. You will need to have more than one account to do that, but remember registration is free.

You can sell contents such as pictures, graphic arts, music and footages.

The supported file formats include:
For Images:
JPEG format
Minimum resolution of 4 Mega Pixel
Maximum resolution of 100 Mega Pixel

For Videos:
Minimum video resolution is 1280x720 but we recommend Full HD, 4k DCI, or 4K UHD
File format must be: MOV, MP4, MPG, or AVI format
Duration of the video should be at least 10 seconds and must not exceed 60 seconds.
Maximum file size: 3900 MB (3.9GB)
Avoid vertical or square framing

For Music:
File format can be MP3 or WAV
The duration should not be more than 3 minute
The file size must not exceed 15mb

You get to keep 40% of the proceeds from the sale of your work.

Yes, provided it is in line with our policies, standards and guidelines. Read ‘What kind of content can I sell on 10Times Pro?’ You can also check our Terms of Service for a broader knowledge.

We will choose the content that meets our standards and publish them on our website. This may take a few days. You will receive a notification message via Email and in your dashboard if your content has been approved, published or declined.

While registering on the website as a contributor and/or freelancer, you will be asked for your bank account information. That is the account that will be credited with whatever payment you are meant to receive. You do not get paid directly by employers or buyers (as the case may be). 10Times Pro receives the payment on your behalf, takes her commission and sends you your payment based on the agreed percentage.

For ease of administration, 10Times Pro pays its freelancers and contributors on the fifteenth (15th) day of every month. However, whenever the 15th day falls on a weekend, the payment will be made on the following working day. A freelancer can choose to keep his or her revenue in the care of 10Times Pro until a particular time or until it reaches a particular amount. Such savings however do not receive interest or any other form of earnings on them.

You will need a model and/or property release whenever your work features a recognizable person and/or a private property such as building, in it. But not to worry, the release can be filled online when you want to upload your work.

The appearance of logos and trademarks in your images or footages is prohibited and you must remove them before the submission of content.

No, you are not. The copyright of the work(s) you submit are yours. You only give us the permission to grant others the license to use your content.

The watermark that will be on all content submitted to 10Times Pro will be that of 10Times Pro. However, this does not suggest transfer of ownership to 10Times Pro. It only shows that 10Times Pro is the one giving buyers the license to use the content.

For any inappropriate or unauthorised use of your content, kindly contact us immediately via: contact@10timespro.com.

You are buying a non-royalty license to use the content as one user. In other words, you only pay once for a content but can use it multiple times as an individual, and for different projects.

You will receive 70% of the commission for the work done while 10Times Pro retains 30%.

No. Your contact details on your profile page are only visible to you. An employer can request for your service without having access to your contact information on the website.

Yes, we will get in touch with you either via email or through your telephone number. However you are kindly advised to log into your account as often as possible as you will also get the notification in the notification box in your account.

Yes, you can do that in the ‘account settings’ section of your account dashboard.

You pay before service will be rendered. It is after the confirmation of payment from our end that a freelancer will begin work on your project.

Yes, 10Times Pro exists to meet media-related needs like photo editing, cinematography and editing, video animation, music production, still graphics design and motion graphics design.

You can ask the freelancer to make the necessary adjustment or redo the work. The number of times you can request for corrections on a particular project will be displayed on the profile page of the freelancer. If he or she refuses, you can contact us for conflict resolution via contact@10timespro.com. You also get to write reviews and give ratings on any freelancer whom you have had dealings with.

If the situation is within the provisions found in our Terms of Service, 10Times Pro will refund the payment made on our website by an employer or buyer.