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Cleaning camera lens

How to care for your camera lens – the right way

In writing about how to care for one’s camera lens, something occurred to me and I think I should ask you: have you ever tried making something better, only to end up making it worse? Especially if it is something that belonged to someone else – a superior, a stranger

virtual handshake with a client

3 overlooked ways to get clients fast (in 2021)

You’ve made the decision to become a freelancer (you can sign up here), now, how do you get clients fast in 2021 without being weird, desperate, or invasive?   In this post, I will show you three overlooked ways you can use to get clients – in 2021. And what’s

Photoshop vs Picasa

Photoshop and Picasa

To choose between Photoshop and Picasa was a decision I have never had to make. Why should I? All I have been using since I began my journey in photography was Photoshop.   Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash   But I had to go install Photoshop on my

A man juggling four balls thereby proving that one can generalize and specialize at the sametime.

Should I specialize or generalize as a freelancer?

‘Should I specialize or generalize?’ is a question I have had in mind for a while which I didn’t know how to answer until one day I received a phone call. That call changed my view of things – of me actually.  Here is how it started:   The encounter

Adobe premiere pro timeline

Adobe premiere pro vs Final cut pro vs Davinci resolve

Adobe premiere pro, Final cut Pro and Davinci resolve are twenty-first-century video editing softwares that professionals use for video editing. In this post, I will do a brief overview of the features of the three.   But before I begin, read the next paragraph…   If you are new to