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Should I specialize or generalize as a freelancer?
'Should I specialize or generalize?' is a question I have...
Adobe premiere pro vs Final cut pro vs Davinci resolve
Adobe premiere pro, Final cut Pro and Davinci resolve are...
A freelancer at work

How to succeed as a freelancer in 2020

To succeed as a freelancer has become easier than before especially with the impact the Covid-19 induced lockdowns have had on many businesses.   This year, many business owners, in an effort to stay afloat, had to take their businesses online. As a result, the number of people working remotely

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A photographer obeying one of the rules of composition in photography

Five composition rules in photography (Part 1)

There are composition rules in photography that any serious photographer or someone who wants to take stunning pictures should be aware of. Anyone can take a picture but not everyone knows the rules that bring about an outstanding shot.

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A man making a phone call most likely trying to get more done in less time

How to get more done in less time

Have you been thinking of how to get more done in less time but don’t just see a way around it? Do you ever wish you had more than twenty-four hours in a day? Well, you are not alone. And guess what? Even if you had, it might still make

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Icons of Adobe softwares

Adobe softwares you need to know

There are several Adobe softwares that afford many media professionals and non-professionals to bring their imaginations to life and tell their stories the way they want it expressed.

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A man thinking probably thinking if he should freelance or not

Should I freelance or not in 2020?

‘Should I freelance or not?’ you’ve probably asked yourself. There is nothing wrong with thinking like this. Absolutely nothing wrong. It’s not unusual to find yourself wishing for something more than a 9 – 5 job. You’ve probably had a taste of the corporate world and then concluded that the

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