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freelancer at work

5 Essential Tips to Getting Started as a Freelancer

Freelancing has become a great career option for those who are not fit for the 9-5 kind of jobs. In fact, 35% of the global workforce is made up of people into freelance jobs, and 75% of the 25% wouldn’t trade their freelancing jobs for other kinds of jobs. There

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How to charge a client the right way

Having to charge a client can be a very tricky and emotionally crippling thing to do. And most times, the difficulty we have about it stems from our inadequate knowledge about our professional worth and the value of our work. A clients tells asks you how much you charge and

Cleaning camera lens

How to care for your camera lens – the right way

In writing about how to care for one’s camera lens, something occurred to me and I think I should ask you: have you ever tried making something better, only to end up making it worse? Especially if it is something that belonged to someone else – a superior, a stranger

virtual handshake with a client

3 overlooked ways to get clients fast (in 2021)

You’ve made the decision to become a freelancer (you can sign up here), now, how do you get clients fast in 2021 without being weird, desperate, or invasive?   In this post, I will show you three overlooked ways you can use to get clients – in 2021. And what’s

Photoshop vs Picasa

Photoshop and Picasa

To choose between Photoshop and Picasa was a decision I have never had to make. Why should I? All I have been using since I began my journey in photography was Photoshop.   Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash   But I had to go install Photoshop on my